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Every year new products are developed and introduced into the marketplace and showcased in our new brochures and catalogues. At the same time many older products are deleted, changed or withdrawn from production. 

All Sale products listed are on a first come, first serve basis. Please call and confirm that these products are still available. Prices listed are for in stock items only picked up from our Burlington location.

Stone Fountain 34" high Kink Free Pond Pipe PVC Pond Pipe
 Stone Fountain  Kink Free Pump tubing  PVC Solid Pump tubing
 Code # LAN-10-6300  3/4" - $1.60 Sale $1.10/ft  1/2" - $0.86 Sale $0.68/ft
 34" high x 16" wide 230lbs  1" - $1.89 Sale $1.40/ft  3/4" - $1.36 Sale $0.95/ft
 Was $525.00  1-1/4" - 2.04 Sale $1.42/ft  1" - $1.65 Sale $1.15/ft
 Special $265.00  1-1/2" - $2.72 Sale $1.89/ft  1-1/4" $1.79 Sale $1.25/ft
 3 available  Various lengths available  Various lengths available
 SAVE 49%  SAVE 30%  SAVE 30%
Trafalgar Chatham Beige
 Mega Arbel Melbourne Grey  Mega Arbel Richmond Grey  Trafalgar Chatham Beige
 Code # PAV-30-5208  Code # PAV-30-5210  Code # PAV-30-5260
 Was $6.69 per square ft.  Was $6.69 per square ft.  Was $4.79 per square ft.
 Special $4.68 per square ft.  Special $4.68 per square ft.  Special $3.35 per square ft.
 144 square ft. available  249 square ft. available  684 square ft. available
 SAVE 30%  SAVE 30%  SAVE 30%
Marina 60 Pool Paver Athena Mojave Beige Elena Mojave Beige Paver
 Marina 60mm Pool Coping  Athena Mojave Beige Pavers  Elena Mojave Beige Pavers
 Available in Cognac and  Code # PAV-60-1280  Code # PAV-60-1544
 Bourbon Beige  Was $5.09 per square ft.  Was $4.79 per square ft.
 Was $3.99 each  Special $3.56 per square ft.  Special $3.35 per square ft.
 Sale $2.79 each  980 square ft. available  471 square ft. available
 SAVE 30%  SAVE 30%  SAVE 30%
Pennsylvania Blue CopingPennsylvania Blue Coping    
 Pennsylvania Blue Hearth    
 18"x42"x2" Rocked Face    
 32 pcs. - $49.00 each    
 was $88.00 SAVE 45%    


Arriscraft Everest Ivory White Building Stone - 930 square feet available. $5.25 per sq/ft.

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